Assistant Maintenance Manager

About Sanergy

Sanergy is an award-winning social venture based in Nairobi, Kenya. We undertake three exciting lines of work:

  • We provide safe, sustainable sanitation services to residents living in urban informal settlements of Nairobi and Kisumu using end-to-end non-sewered sanitation solutions. Watch here!

  • We implement a  circular economy model to sustainably manage sanitation and organic waste generated in cities. Using technologies developed in-house, we upcycle the waste into insect-based protein for animal feed, organic fertilizer, and biomass fuel. We operate the largest organics recycling plant in East Africa. Watch here!

  • We partner with cities to develop and deliver safe sanitation and waste management for urban residents. Using a systematic methodology, we match cities’ sanitation and waste management needs with technology and service delivery models, and then offer clear guidance on the steps that governments, funders, service providers and technology developers can take to develop and implement integrated service delivery systems. 

Operational since 2011, Sanergy serves over 140,000 urban residents with safe sanitation services every day. Sanergy collects and treats over 12,000T of waste per year, and successfully sells its agricultural end-products to farmers in over 20 counties in Kenya, who see improved yields and increased incomes. At the same time, we have built a team of over 400 employees from diverse backgrounds who solve diverse problems, but all embody the drive, creativity, teamwork, and passion that make us achieve our goals. For our work, we have been recognized by the Gates Foundation as one of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals accelerator; by Fast Company as one of the 10 most innovative companies in the world doing social good and one of the 10 best companies in Africa,by  Earthshot Prize as a Finalist a and the Food Planet Prize for our innovative circular economy approach.

Sanergy is Hiring an Assistant Maintenance Manager to Influence continuous productivity improvement & maintenance through recognized productivity programs

  • Develop a monthly and weekly schedule that is in line with the annual schedule for AMs, PMs, Operator assessments and Operator training

  • Resolve breakdowns within the agreed turnaround time

  • Liaise with the maintenance technicians in the implementation of the problem-solving tools (RCAs, 5Why, RAPID)

  • Coach maintenance technicians on use of the above problem solving tools

  • Lead development of corrective actions. Own resolution through delegation to the maintenance team. 

  • Lead preventive action projects to meet recommended TATs and budgets.

  • Share daily reports on maintenance activities for all assets

  • Ensure all maintenance issues are logged

  • Propose improvements to the maintenance eng. associates as well as factory manager

  • Calculate and track MTBF and MTTR for all equipment

  • Work with maintenance associates to refine AM and PM schedules to improve equipment reliability

  • Coordinate all AM (Autonomous Maintenance) through operators, PM (Preventive Maintenance) and BM (Breakdown Maintenance) activities. PM and BM activities coordinated through the technicians

  • Coordinate Operator trainings and assessments on equipment operatinos. 

  • Proactively contributing to conflict resolution through open and honest discussions, reporting unresolved conflict to your manager or Talent Partner

  • Maintain a cordial working relationship with teammates

  • Develop a monthly and weekly schedule that is in line with the annual schedule for AMs, PMs, Operator assessments and Operator training.  

  • Resolve breakdowns within the agreed turn around time

  • Propose and implement actions to reduce the variance between the plan and actuals

  • Refine AM and PM schedules to improve equipment reliability

  • Share ideas on how to standardize and improve maintenance data

  • Share ideas on how to improve maintenance processes

  • Implement improvement ideas and share feedback. 

  • Escalate in advance when facing blocks. 

  • Keeping track of the maintenance expenses for all assets

  • Sharing daily reports on maintenance expenses for all assets

  • Ensure all the maintenance data is logged systematically

  • Ask questions and listen to items escalated by the operators, technicians, and managers in order to understand issues with the assets

  • Provide feedback to operators and technicians on usage and maintenance of assets

  • Ask for feedback from stakeholders (operators, technicians and managers) to improve the maintenance performance

  • Conduct quarterly performance reviews using the in-house feedback template

  • Continually host feedback sessions with your team that are aimed at sharing situational experiences highlighting learnings, wins and failures

  • Share a report of team failures and learning derived from them (through performance reviews)

  • Degree in Mechatronic Engineering /Electrical & Electronics Engineering(with experience in mechanical Maintenance/Machinery) /Mechanical Engineering(with experience in Electrical Maintenance/Machinery)

  • Experience in handling both mechanical and electrical machinery.

  • Minimum 5 years experience in a similar role

  • Previous experience working with; vibro fluid bed dryer and cooler, electrical dryers, conveyors, boilers, climate control systems, motors, security systems, PLCs (Siemens and Delta), generators, transformers, power distribution systems, consumer units, control panels, switch gears, solar system, and inverter



Sanergy/FreshLife is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply.